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Our first Music Video to welcome 2021: Petronella

Here's what we were doing during the pandemic!

We were honored to have been selected as the band for TAC Summer School 2019 -- check out this trailer!

Our latest video recorded February 2017 with two guest pipers!

Reel of Seven rocks the house!  Hogmanay 2015, Auckland NZ.  "Reel of the 51st Division" available on "The Magic of Summer School".

Montgomeries' Rant, Valentine's Ball , SF Branch 2013 -- Available on "Dance for Joy Encore!"

Official trailer for  Magic of Summer School -- featuring the tune "Return to India"

Same video, different tune -- "Mouth of the Tobique"

San Francisco Branch weekend at Asilomar featuring Reel of Seven!

Taybank Shenanigans!  -- Available in "John of Bon Accord" on "Gotta Dance" --

Official trailer for  "Dance for Joy Encore!"

Official Trailer for "Gotta Dance"

Here's a group from Baton Rouge, Louisiana dancing to Reel of Seven --Reel of the Royal Scots, "Dance For Joy!"

This group from Germany is using "Dance for Joy" in their demonstration -- Reel of the Royal Scots, "Dance for Joy!"

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